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I'm a full stack software developer with over 9 years of professional experience, specialized in Microsoft .Net tech stack. During that time I was developing wide variety of software — Web applications, APIs, desktop apps, backend services or even libraries.

I have worked in various projects in different industries, like healthcare, finance, industrial (wooden industry) or e-commerce, participating in projects of various size and ways of work. I contributed my work in both big teams, and small, Agile, scrumy, rapid-development oriented ones. I also delivered the projects where most of around-development work was done entirely by myself.

In everyday work, I am highly focused on providing best quality software, with clean, readable and extensible code following SOLID principles. At the same time I have strong attention to resolving real business needs and do the work that is really needed, in the right order. I am always trying to see whole business perspective to better understand the project, its challenges and choices. I am also always looking for a way to improve my work on all aspects — the product, code quality and the process itself.

On a technical side, lastly I mostly work on a Web applications within Microsoft ecosystem — .NET (.NET Core, ASP.NET MVC), powered by relational (or non-relational) databases and Javascript, or — preferably — TypeScript. I am also fan of flexible, dead-simple and framework-less approach of ReactJS, so this is my default choice for Web frontend work.

Privately, I was infected with the programming bug in my early years, playing with Basic at the age of 12. Actually, I started to learn programming and was creating my first video games with friends at high school. From that time game development is still kind of my hobby, to which I come back from time to time, doing some tiny projects after hours.

from 2018
Forte Digital



C#.NetAzureOptimizely CommerceTypescript/JSReactIdentityServer4Selenium
E-commerce platform for leading Norwegian online pharmacy, selling OTC medicine, as well as prescribed drugs.


Munch Museum

C#.Net.ASP.Net MVCOptimizely CMSReactCSS/PostCSS
New CMS solution for Museum of Edvard Munch in Oslo, built with EPiServer/Optimizely DXP platform.



C#.Net.ASP.Net MVCOptimizely CMSReactCSS/PostCSS
EPiServer CMS-based new digital platform, uniting all existing KONGSBERG brands into single, consistent place with all KONGSBERG's news, articles, magazines, job offers and more.
2017 - 2018


C#MSSQL ServerAzureNHibernateTypescript/JSAngularJS
The ERP system dedicated to wooden industry, covering whole process of sales, estimation, production, warehouse management & other for woodworking & custom furniture production companies.
Master thesis

Realtime, soft body game physics engine

AGH University of science and technology

Realtime game physics engine supporting both rigid and soft body physics. Master thesis project at AGH University of Science and Technology.
2016 - 2017

ASP.Net MVC app for financial sector

C#.ASP.Net MVCMSSQL ServerNHibernateCastle WindsorSelenium
Development of ASP.Net MVC app for client from financial sector in Great Britain.
2014 - 2016
Comarch SA

Comarch Teleradiology

Comarch healthcare

First as an intern, and then as a developer, I was taking part in development of Comarch Teleradiology — the system supporting the processes of remotely describing radiological examinations and exchange of telemedicine data. My team was responsible for transmission and processing of medical imaging data and integrating with diagnostic imaging devices in accordance with DICOM standard.

Some open source works I created or contributed to

    • project:Forte.EpiResponsivePicture
    • description:Smart responsive images in EPiServer with ImageResizing.Net and Focal point
    • project:Responsive picture sample
    • description:Sample project created as a showcase of Forte.EpiResponsivePicture package
    • project:Forte.EpiserverRedirects
    • description:Automatic redirects for EPiServer
    • project:Forte.EpiCommonUtils
    • description:A set of common utils to make your day to day EpiServer development easier

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